September 23, 2022

Although online degrees have just been gaining recognition in recent years, the University of Arizona doesn’t see its online offerings as something new. It’s long history with distance learning (with a focus in undergraduate programs since 1972) has helped it make online MBA’s very accessible to students around the world.

Why Distance Learning the University of Arizona MBA Program?

When it comes to online MBA programs, the University of Arizona (UA) is a powerhouse. UA is ranked 8th in the U.S. News & World Report annual list of best business schools, and has consistently been one of the top-ranked business schools in the world. The UA Online MBA program offers a quality education at an affordable price, and has a significant number of scholarships and financial aid options available.

Ranked 8th in the U.S. News & World Report’s annual list of best business schools and consistently one of the top-ranked business schools in the world, The University of Arizona is a powerhouse when it comes to online MBA programs. Whether you are seeking a quality education at an affordable price or needing help with financing your degree, UA’s Online MBA program has a significant number of options available for you to consider.

The UA Online MBA program provides students with a quality education at an affordable price, as well as ample opportunities for scholarships and financial aid. With offered concentrations in Accounting & Finance, Advertising & Marketing, Business Analytics, Executive Management, Healthcare Leadership, Information Systems Analytics & Management, Leadership Development, Real Estate Development & Management, Supply Chain Management, and Venture Capital Invest

The Numbers Behind a University of Arizona MBA Online Program

The University of Arizona’s (UA) World MBA Program offers students the real-world perspective and international business education that they need for careers in today’s competitive business world. According to the Program website, UA is one of only 11 U.S. institutions listed in The Financial Times’ “World’s Top 100 MBA Programs.”

In 2018, the World MBA Program was ranked number one by Forbes in its “World’s Best Masters in Management” rankings.

UA’s online program offers a rich content experience supplemented with timely course updates and engaging discussion forums. The online resources connect students with faculty from across campus, who offer support and guidance in their professional and personal lives.

The University of Arizona World MBA Program has an approximate graduation rate of 95%.

How Does an Online University Offer a Bachelor’s Degree?

A university’s online degrees can add substance to a distance learning degree, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Unlike traditional college classes where professors are present in person, online courses can be highly interactive. The instructor is never too far away, but they are also available for one-on-one assistance whenever necessary. Many universities also offer a variety of resources and tools that help students stay engaged with the course material.

Besides adding substance and engagement, online degrees offer other advantages over traditional distance learning programs. For example, many students live abroad or travel for work, which can make attending class on campus difficult or impossible. By taking an online course, these students can still earn a Bachelor’s degree while living halfway around the world or working outside of the country.

Things to Expect Wizard

As the business world continues to change and evolve, so too does the need for professionals who can adapt and stay ahead of the curve. That’s where an online MBA from a top-notch institution like the University of Arizona comes in. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive degree that offers real-world experience, or just want to beef up your resume, our programs have something for you. Here are five things to expect when you enroll:

  1. A big challenge. Our online program is tailored specifically for adult learners, so you will be working with world-class educators to tackle difficult topics and develop groundbreaking skills. And since this is an online program, there is no stopping you if you decide you want to take a break – our courses are self-paced so you can work at your own pace.
  2. Exposure to real world businesses and organizations. In addition to completing coursework, each student in our program participates in industry-based case studies, short-term projects, and field trips. This real-world experience gives you an edge when it comes time to apply to jobs and start your career journey.
  3. Engaging communities of classmates and mentors

Courses Start Soon!

The University of Arizona has a number of world-class online MBA programs that are starting soon! Students can choose to take one of the following six programs:

  1. Executive MBA
  2. Global Business & Technology Management MBA
  3. Interactive Media & Entertainment Entrepreneurship MBA
  4. Sports Business & Marketing MBA
  5. Sustainable Business Leadership MBA
  6. Technology Management, Enterprise & Innovation MBA
    All six programs have highly competitive admissions requirements, and scholarships are available for some students. The University also offers several dual degree programs, so students have many options when choosing an online MBA program at UA. For more information, visit the website at

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